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Rebekah Children’s Services is recognized as a leading provider of mental health services for children and families throughout Santa Clara County and the State of California because of the contributions of our creative and compassionate staff.

As stated in our Core Values, “We hear and respond to the voice and culture of family.” RCS is rooted in the belief that culturally competent practice improves access and quality of service for individuals of diverse populations and is committed to deepening its efforts to develop a culturally responsive and inclusive agency in support of our community. RCS is committed to the inclusion and diversity of our workforce as well as equal employment opportunities. RCS is committed to providing culturally competent services while maintaining and fostering a culturally competent workplace. We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

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Questions about Internship opportunities? Click here.

What our staff have to say about RCS

Lupita Chavez Gaeta

HR Coordinator

Working at Rebekah Children's Services has been an incredibly fulfilling journey for me. The environment here is incredibly supportive, fostering personal and professional growth. The emphasis placed on individual development and the collaborative culture make it an inspiring place to work. Through the opportunities provided and the camaraderie among colleagues, I've experienced significant personal and professional growth. I attribute this growth to the guidance and support received from everyone around me, from my managers and supervisors to my coworkers, and even up to our CEO. Being part of a team that values its employees and actively contributes to positive change is something that makes me immensely proud.

Serena Misley

Director, Family Linkage

RCS is a workplace that supports growth professionally and personally. I have been working at RCS for 17 years and during that time, I have had countless opportunities for training and supervision. I have been able to immensely develop my clinical skills and become a clinically worthy to serve the most vulnerable youth in our community. RCS holds the same values as I do when it comes to supporting our foster youth and parents. We strive and succeed to do what is best for families day in and day out. As the director of our Foster Care and Adoption program, we are continually looking for new Foster Families to join our team. If you have ever thought of being a foster family and changing the life of a child, RCS is here to walk that path with you.