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Behavioral Health Services

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Outpatient Mental Health

We are passionate about serving children and youth, ages 0-21 to hep address mental health symptoms and associated functional impairments, and empower them to be their best.
Programs are designed to help children during their crucial first five years of life, when developmental milestones are essential, and special care and attention is a must.

Tools and support to strengthen your family unit.

Differential Response

Let us partner with you to help keep your children safe and thriving. We know that all families are not the same, and that the concerns you face are often different from those around you.

Helping children use their strengths.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

The aim of TBS services is to allow children to live safely without intensive care while maintaining their current home placement or transition to a less restrictive environment.

A care plan designed for your family.


Focusing on the needs of the child and family, our Wraparound services provide a family-centered, strength-based, needs-driven planning process designed to stabilize the family unit.

Mental health services on school campus.

School Linked Services (SLS)

A well-designed model for the delivery of coordinated and effective mental health services on school campuses and in related communities for children, youth, and their families.

Early Outreach for a Lifetime of Benefits

Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI)

PEI provides outreach to students and families in order to recognize early signs of mental illness and to improve early access to services.

Therapeutic Response to Crises

Family Urgent Response Services (FURS)

The aim of FURS is to provide an immediate, in-person, trauma-informed, and therapeutic response for youth and families experiencing a crisis in their home or community.

Trauma-informed Mental Health Services

Katie A

The Katie A. program provides intensive community based mental health services to Medi-Cal eligible or Medi-Cal covered children and youth from birth to age 21.

Therapeutic Support for Students

Short Term Intensive Behavioral Services (STIBS)

STIBS supports school districts in providing behavioral and therapeutic support and services in the home to students with engagement challenges.