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Family Urgent Response Services (FURS)


FURS offers an immediate, in-person, trauma-informed, and therapeutic response for youth and families experiencing a crisis in their home or community. The goal of FURS is to avoid police involvement, hepatization, or out-of-home care. When our team responds to a crisis, they strive to collaborate with families to identify triggers or causes for conflict and help teach skills to deescalate future crises. Our team and family also develop a safety plan that outline steps the youth and family can take in a future crisis.  FURS is available to all current and former San Benito County foster youth.

Our Services Include:

  • 24/7 Crisis Response
  • In person child and family coaching
  • Case Management
  • Follow Up Services, if needed.

Service Requirements:

  • Current or Former San Benito County Foster Youth
  • Reside in San Benito County

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