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Katie A.

Trauma-informed Mental health services.

The Katie A. program provides intensive community based mental health services to Medi-cal eligible or Medi-Cal covered children and youth from birth to age 21.  Services are delivered using a strength- based teaming model, with the child and family at the center of the service delivery plan.  Together, the CFT collaboratively develops a plan(s) to help meet identified needs, achieve goals, all the while using the strengths of the youth and family to achieve success.


Our Services Include:

  • Trauma informed intensive community and home-based mental health services which may include care coordination, intensive home based-services, therapy, and psychiatry to improve family and youth’s coping skills and functioning for success.
  • Use of Child & Family Team model with strong emphasis on family voice & choice
  • Service delivery guided by the Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM

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