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Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster care and adoption.

Since 1987, Rebekah Children’s Services Foster Care and Adoptions program, Family Linkage, has been designed to help foster children find and create happy healthy permanent connections with families.  It is our goal to support not only the foster children placed in our care but also educate, train, and support all of the wonderful caregivers who are committed to providing them with safe loving homes.  In 2017, our Family Linkage program adopted the universal terms Resource Parent and Resource Family to be inclusive of all types of caregivers such as foster, adoptive, relative, and non-relative individuals who are willing to open their hearts and homes to the at-risk children in our community.  Further, we now use the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process to streamline the steps to caring for a child or youth involved in the social service or juvenile probation system(s).


Growing your family is a rewarding experience!

Our team of dedicated and experienced staff are tremendously excited about walking side by side each day with the Resource Parents and Families that make our program special.  We are committed to providing personalized support to each child that comes into our care through making sure that each of our resource families feels trained and ready to successfully parent.  Our Family Linkage team develops meaningful relationships with each caregiver and continuously supports each family as they grow and thrive.  We have supported some of our resource families for over two decades!


We are currently seeking families in the following areas:

  • Santa Clara County (Especially: San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill)
  • Monterey County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • San Benito County
  • San Mateo County


As a Resource Parent, you will receive:

(1) Frequent consultations and check-ins with Family Linkage staff

(2) Telephone support available 24/7 to answer questions and assist when crisis occur

(3) Financial reimbursement to aid in the care of the child

(4) Access to additional services and supports for the child

(5) Information and support on long term adoptive child benefits


Steps to Becoming a Resource Family:

Step 1: Contact Us Directly

Call our Family Linkage recruiter at (408) 871-4962 or email us.

Step 2: Orientation

Attend a one-on-one or group orientation meeting to learn more general information about becoming a Resource Family.

Step 3: Application and Interview Process

We want to begin to get to know you!  After completing our Resource Family Application and background screening you will attend a private interview with one of our social workers to begin the conversation on what it will personally mean to have a foster child placed in your home.

Step 4: Training

Attend our pre-service training.  This training is free for all of our potential Resource Families and will provide you with a better understanding of Foster Care and Adoption, working with children in your home and ample time to answer all your questions.  Contact us for the dates of our training schedule.

Step 5: Family and Home Assessment

The Family and Home Assessment, the Home Study, is a way for us to continue to get to know you.  We want your safe loving home to be a good match for a foster child in need.

Step 6: Approval

After the completion of the application, background clearance, training and assessments you are now an approved Resource Family!

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Foster Parent Qualification
College Degree?  Not Required


There are many questions that arise as you consider becoming a foster or adoptive family. Below are several of the most common questions we receive.


Yes, each family receives a monthly reimbursement based on the needs of the child. Review Program

Resource Family is a universal term and is inclusive of all families who are approved to support a foster child including Foster, Adoptive, Relative and Non-Relative families. 

(1) Reside in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, San Mateo or Alameda county.

(2) Over the age of 21

(3) Own or rent a home with adequate space for a child

(3) Be financially stable enough to support a child (the monthly stipend typically does not cover all of a child’s needs)

(4) Pass a fingerprint clearance covering the Department of Justice, FBI and Child Abuse Index (or qualify for an exemption)

(5) Be ready to work as a team for the benefit of the child

(6) Understand that parenting will be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in your life

YES! Rebekah Children’s Services supports all family constellations in becoming a foster or adoptive family.

YES! As long as there is adequate space for a child in your home. 

The costs are minimal; there is a fee for fingerprints, possible fee for a health screening (depending on your doctor) and any changes that need to be made to your home.  We do not charge any adoption fees.

Yes, each family receives a monthly reimbursement based on the age of the child. 

Yes, having a foster child in your home is just like having your own child.  You are responsible for their supervision but you absolutely can work!

YES! All kids in our Foster Care and Adoption Program have full Medical and Dental insurance.  In fact, after adoption they continue to have medical and dental though age 18 or longer!

There is a wide age range of children in foster care, they range from new born through age 21.  

Generally yes, there can be two children in a room if they are the same sex, compatible and close in age.

Absolutely! Our team will work side by side with you on placements. We will get to know you through the family assessment process which will help us make the best possible match for your family. You are always presented with all the information we have on a child before agreeing to the placement.

Additional Questions?

If you did not find the answers to your questions here above, please contact us at (408) 871-4962 or send us an email below.

We look forward to hearing from you!