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Free Groceries Program

Do you need food for your family?

Join Second Harvest Food Bank and Rebekah Children’s Services for the Free Groceries Program.

The Free Groceries Program is a monthly food give-away. You can get rice, beans, pasta, chicken, eggs, tortillas, fruits, vegetables and other nutritious food for your family.

Info for new clients

Register on-site. Bring a cart or wagon to carry your groceries. You will receive more food than you can carry by hand. This is a Farmer’s Market-style site. You will choose from a variety of foods.

What to bring for your first visit

No documents needed

How can I pick up food for a neighbor or family member?

A neighbor, family member, or friend may pick up on behalf of another client. They will be asked to provide the Client ID number or other identifying information, such as the name, phone number, and postal code of the client.

What languages are spoken here?

English, Spanish

Distribution location

Site entrance through IOOF (Gate #1)

How often can I get food at this location?

Once a month, every fourth Friday