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Kneaded Culinary Academy at Rebekah’s Children’s Service prepares youth, ages 15-25, for a career in the hospitality industry. Rebekah’s Culinary Academy prepares youth, ages 15-25, for a career in the hospitality industry. Our instructors are credentialed teachers guide students through a 10 week course, with 3 hour sessions meeting twice per week.

Cooking for a Purpose

We are dedicated to promoting the social, emotional and physical well-being of children and families. Starting in 2009, we extended that dedication to children into adulthood with our first job training program. Kneaded Culinary Academy helps “complete the loop,” molding historically undeserved disenfranchised youth into disciplined, responsible adults.

Training in All Aspects of Culinary Arts

Students are trained in all aspects of culinary arts, including:

  • Knife skills and using professional equipment
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Kitchen measurement
  • An introduction to baking and pastries, meats and pastas
  • Team building, organization, marketing, social media, media production and interview skills
  • Self-esteem and self-discipline building
  • Resume building, MOCK interviews and support in job placement

While in class, students are required to wear a provided culinary uniform, consisting of black pants, shoes and socks, a crisp white chef coat, white hat and 4-way waist apron. This helps students wear the part and build confidence in themselves through the work.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

At the conclusion of the course, high achieving students showing consistency and a dedication to culinary arts may have the opportunity for placement in an apprenticeship program in the social-enterprise bakery Kneaded at Rebekah Children’s Services. The Kneaded bakery is staffed by graduates of the initial culinary course and proceeds from all sales help to fund Kneaded Culinary Academy. Apprenticeship offers an opportunity to continue to improve skills while working on the job creating delicious pastries, savory farm to table food items, filling and shipping online orders, selling directly to customers at farmers markets, and delivering fresh products to local restaurants and coffee shops.

What we’re offering during COVID-19

Since Shelter in Place was implemented in March, Rebekah Children’s Services has introduced technology in creative ways to reach and serve our community. Every week we host live cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, or other culinary and community-based content which is streamed to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We have partnered with the Epilepsy Foundations of Northern California and the Greater Los Angeles Area, The LGBTQ Safe Space, and Morgan Hill Unified School District to create curriculum and content specifically tailored to their students and the populations

that they serve. Through these live events and virtual classes, we have reached over 60,000 viewers throughout Santa Clara County and the greater state of California.

How can we help

If you have a virtual project in mind, and need support producing, hosting, or filming, we are here to

help with digital production services while teaching culinary, job and life skills. We can create original curriculum for a cooking class or demonstrations for you and your audience handled completely by the

Kneaded Culinary Academy or help turn your vision into a reality. Costs may vary depending on the need to film, host, and produce live events. Additional charges apply for creating curriculum, equipment or

ingredients list or recipes for demonstrations. If you have a project that you would like us to help produce or film, these services are available on a per project basis.

The Kneaded Culinary Academy is partially funded by: