Calpine Surprises RCS

December 15, 2010

Posted 12-15-2010




In addition to focusing on business goals, Calpine is committed to being a welcomed member of every community where it has power plants, offices or other facilities.

Calpine has had a long history of partnering with community organizations, as well as funding community and educational programs that seek to change lives and strengthen the fabric of our society. The company also supports the generous volunteerism of their employees and encourages them to take an active role in their communities, to make them even better places to live and work.

The Team at Calpine Gilroy Cogen and Energy Center came together and chose to intitiate a check request to their corporate offices in Texas to support a local nonprofit serving the needs of children and families. Rebekah Children's Services received a check for $5000 to serve children and families during the holiday season.

A very big thank you to Gene Fahey, General Manager; Mike Fees, Operations and Maintenance Manager; Sue McFeron, Business Manager, and the Operations & Maintenance staff for thinking of Rebekah Children's Services!