May is National Foster Care Month

May 7, 2015

May is such a wonderful time of year, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and summer is just around the corner, but the greatest part about May is that it is National Foster Care Month! It is a month that is set aside to acknowledge all the amazing foster parents, family member, volunteers, mentors, social workers and other members of a very dedicated community who make it their mission to support and find permanency for our Foster Youth. This is also a great time to spread the word about the needs of our foster kids and continue to grow our community.

A little history…

National Foster Care Month was originally National Action for Foster Children Week which was is established in 1972 by President Nixon. Sixteen years later in 1988, President Reagan established May as National Foster Care month.  Rebekah Children’s Services had already been working with this population for over 90 years before the first National Foster Care Month took place!


Recognizing that "Children are best raised in families, not institutions," President Barack Obama on April 30th issued a proclamation naming May 2015 as National Foster Care Month. There are over 400,000 boys and girls in the nation’s foster care system. More than 100,000 of them are waiting to be adopted, and every year, 23,000 young people age out of the system—never having found the security of a permanent home. There also continue to be disproportionate numbers of African-American and Native American youth in the foster care system, compounding the disparities these communities too often face. The administration is committed to supporting innovative strategies that strengthen families, improve the foster care system, and prevent children from entering the system in the first place. Source:

Read the whole Presidential proclamation.

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