Wanting Children of Their Own...

October 9, 2014

Angela and her husband talked about adopting for years, but overseas adoption seemed all too overwhelming. One day, Angela picked up a brochure for Rebekah Children's Services’ Family Linkage Program, which provides an array of services to support children and families through the foster parenting and adoption process. 

After careful discussion, Angela and her husband contacted Rebekah Children’s Services to begin taking the steps that would bring together their future family. 

It wasn't long before they met their sons. Even though the brothers were only 4 and 7 years old, they had a lot of healing to do. But Rebekah’s Children’s Services was there to give their family “personalized services and attention”, ranging from guidance and advocacy to therapeutic services that would help the boys overcome past trauma and transition into their new lives.

Within about a year and a half, the adoptions were finalized. Six years later, the boys are now in middle school and high school. Not only have the brothers been able to stay together, but they have become cherished members of a loving family. 

“You have these children in your life,” Angela says. “They would have been people that we would have never met that I get to interact with every day… and help guide them through life… and provide a moral compass for the people that they will one day be.”

With the help of Rebekah Children’s Services, Angela has found, “The end result is the children you always wanted.”

Thanks to Angela and her husband, two young brothers share the life altering gift of dedicated, supportive parents who are helping them grow into responsible adults with bright futures. This is the kind of positive outcome that Rebekah Children’s Services strives to achieve for all of the children we serve. But the need is as pressing as ever.

This year, Rebekah Children’s Services is serving 61% more foster care children on average per month than last year, reaching the highest number of foster care children served in years. This represents a 61% greater need for assistance, guidance, and—most of all—loving homes. 

If you are unable to open your home to a child in need, there are other ways that you can help. Items needed include financial donations for the recruitment, training, and preparation of foster and adoptive homes; gift cards for the purchase of new clothes; and hygiene items for children coming out of emergency situations. For babies and toddlers placed with us under emergency circumstances, we also need infant essentials, such as formula, bottles, baby food, diapers, wipes, clothing, car seats, and pack’n plays.

Please help fulfill the growing need in our community:

  • $5,000 sponsors a foster family (recruitment, training, and home preparation)
  • $3,000 underwrites the placement of an infant or toddler (includes essentials such as formula, clothing, and car seats)
  • $1,000 supports two foster families through training
  • $500 purchases new clothes and toys for a foster child
  • $100 purchases hygiene items and school supplies for a teen placed in foster care

You can support a foster child today by donating online and designating "Family Linkage."