Walmart of Morgan Hill Surprises RCS

September 15, 2010

 Posted 9-15-10


On Monday, September 13, 2010 the Walmart Supercenter in Morgan Hill surprised Rebekah Children’s Services with a $1000 dollar check to support the programs and services offered to children and families in our surrounding communities. Initially, a friend and loyal customer of Walmart recommended Rebekah Children’s Services as a recipient of their support during a conversation about raising funds for school supplies. Walmart managers and employees became enthusiastic and excited about how to best provide support that would directly benefit children and families in our own community. The need for school supplies had been resolved through an earlier donation.

walmartWalmart was offered information on an upcoming fundraiser scheduled for November 19, 2010. The Festival of Trees fundraiser was a perfect match for Walmart’s desired purpose to help kids and families in our own community. This signature and annual fundraiser is focused on raising money to directly support several programs and services most utilized by children and families in need.

Walmart was genuinely thrilled and interested in learning more about how their support positively impacts the lives of so many people in our community and many, whom are dedicated customers of their store.

To experience such genuine interest and excitement was truly a pleasure. Walmart arrived on the steps of Rebekah Children’s Services with a group of representatives to learn first-hand how their partnership could further reach those in need. At the conclusion of our tour and open discussion about the various programs and services offered through RCS, Walmart presented a check for $1000 in support of Rebekah Children’s Services, as an official sponsor of our upcoming Festival of Trees fundraiser to be held at the Morgan Hill Community & Cultural Center. Thank you Walmart of Morgan Hill.