Spring has Sprung

April 2, 2013

Spring is here and so is spring vacation. This is a great time for families to recharge, get ready for the rest of the school year, and enjoy some fun activities. There is always something inspiring about springtime and if you and your family are planning on a fun trip or taking it easy at home, here are a few fun activities to do with your kids:

Enjoy a Fun Family Picnic:  What better way to spend a beautiful warm day outside than to go on a fun family picnic? First, you will need to pack a good blanket. A waterproof one will work best if you expect the grass to be a little damp. You will also need a picnic basket to carry the food and utensils. Depending on your family size, you may even consider using extra bags or backpacks to hold everything you will need. Picnics are about ease, so pick up deli finger foods, sandwiches and make your family’s favorite salad to go or you can also add your favorite fruits and veggies with a dip you love. Don’t forget to bring a variety of toys and games, such as kites, Frisbees, softballs and bats so you and your family can interact if there is room to run around. If you are looking for more of a relaxing interaction, Scrabble, chess or card games will do the trick.

Create a Garden:  Kids love to dig in the dirt! Creating garden projects with fast growing seeds and plants, tool sized to children’s hands and surprising things will help your child enjoy the garden. To get them excited, let your child pick out what they will grow. You can guide them to pick quick growing plants and vegetables such as peas, radishes, cucumbers and a variety of flowers. To keep the children interested in tending to their plants, put the garden where they can see it and have them start a garden journal. They can use this to draw or write the progress of their garden. Although children lose patience and make messes, let them take pride in their piece of land this summer.

Outdoor Games: Spring break is a great time for fun, and lots of fun games can be played outside in the fresh air and sunshine. The days are now longer and the temperature is warming up, classic outdoor games like red light, green light, freeze tag and four-square are perfect for kids to play during the break from school. Parents, make this a play date or even a party. Let your kids interact and have fun as much as possible with these classic games as you did when you were young. The best part: They get exercise while having fun!