Scott Olson Invited To Speak At The 10th Annual Behavioral Health Information Management Conference

April 27, 2010

Posted 4/27/2010

scott olsonScott Olson, Information Technology Manager for Rebekah Children's Services, was invited to present at the 10th Annual Behavioral Health Information Management Conference & Exposition that recently took place in Hollywood, California.

This conference is hosted by the California Institute of Mental Health (CiMH). The vision of CiMH is that California will be the national leader in the provision of mental health services and support systems that successfully advance hope, wellness, resiliency, recovery and full community integration for all adults, children and families across their life spans.

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CiMH envisions a future in which consumer and family choice, clinician expertise and empirical and practice-based evidence drive services to assure quality care leading to positive outcomes.

Scott's expertise managing the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system implemented by Rebekah Children's Services provides the backbone for quality assurance, documentation and significantly mitigates risk.

One of the benefits of EHR systems is the variety of functions to help streamline quality assurance processes, most notably documentation compliance, and mitigate several types of risks. As a selected presenter, Scott helped present how they use EHR functions to successfully support quality assurance processes so that document compliance is increased and risk of disallowance is minimized. 

Focus points included best practices around alerts, error checks, filters and reports of practices/functions that help clinicians meet deadlines and adhere to critical requirements. In addition, EHR prevents the billing of potentially disallowable services due to common data entry errors.