One Day Into Our New Site

August 20, 2011

This is our inaugural blog post for our new site, Jeremy Britton from ZURB had promised me sometime around 3 am on the day of the ZURBwired build to write this post for me, but I couldn't wait to share some news.  I'll take a raincheck on his promise for now.

ZURB marketing lead Dmitry Dragilev hasn’t quit working for us yet.  Check out our project story on CNET and the NY Times.   For the full project details, photos, and videos of the craziness from that night visit the ZURBwired blog.  

Without further ado...welcome to the brand new!  We’ve put a lot of sweat, tears (literally, Christie tried to take out my toe during the photo shoot pillow fight with her high heel) and hard work into this rebuild.  Starting Thursday morning at 8 am and working straight through to Friday at 8 am, it was a FULL 24 hours for the Rebekah’s team of Ryan Miguel, Scott Olson, Christie Balancier, Serena LoConte and myself. We also had visits by our executive director Mary Kaye Gerski, Jennifer Grier, and Sue Nelson to contribute their 2 cents.

The project with ZURB to revamp our website, logo, brochures and more within a mere 24 hours was completely insane and yet totally obtainable.  We began Thursday morning with limitless energy and dedication to this vast project; by noon we were questioning our decision to tackle so much; by 6 pm we knew that our print deadline had arrived and we were not quite ready yet. However at 8 pm, everything was rolling and we were completed with our first 12 hours and heading into the final 12 with renewed energy and the satisfaction of checking several items off the overly ambitious do list.

2:30 am arrived and we rallied around the newly arrived brochures and postcard, hot off the press.  Who would have thought that in a mere 6 hours we could have sent 3 items to print and got them back?  This ZURBwired thing really does work and get results.

By 3:30 the laundry list of items that we had hoped to accomplish (which Jeremy thought was completely insane at the start) was in various stages of completion and I found myself delegating new tasks to keep everyone busy through the homestretch.  

At 7:55 am the new site was officially launched with 5 minutes to spare, a ZURBwired record.  We have a few tweaks to do over the next week to perfect eveything, but we couldn’t be happeir with the results.

Tell us what you think of the redesign, we’d love to hear from you.