Walk Talk Bond

May 24, 2017

Getting in quality family time can be rough, between working, school, cleaning, cooking, errands, homework, soccer and you name it our lives and schedules are full. When do we leave time to be together and bond as a family? It’s typical to create bonding times and memories during the big moments such as holidays and vacations but it’s the little day to day moments that increase our family’s bond and influence our relationships. What if there was a quick and easy way to build bonds, get to know your family better and had some added health benefits? THERE IS!

Family walks are a great way to spend some quality family time and they are easy to access and free of charge!

No matter the age of your child– infant, youth, or adolescent, walking can be a great way to bond with one another. When adding a new member to the family, it can be easy to get distracted and busy with the typical day to day tasks and chores. Taking walks with your partner and infant is a great way for the baby to explore new surroundings and also allows you and your partner some downtime to talk and enjoy each other's company.

With your school-aged child, video games and television can become their go-to activities. Nightly family walks can be the perfect way to decrease screen time and help create bonding moments and healthy habits for everyone in the family. Your child’s teen years can present with new and different challenges, we know every teen parent has experienced the teen eye roll! Creating opportunities for your teen to spend time with the family helps to promote your continued close relationship. Taking family walks can help support in opening up those sensitive conversations that either you as a parent or your teenager might want to talk about, in a more relaxed and engaging setting. No matter what stage of life your child is in walking together as a family provides great opportunities for some memorable bonding experiences!

Thank you to everyone who came out for our first annual Walk for Foster Youth! We enjoyed a leisurely walk though the Gilroy Gardens that anyone from toddlers to grandparents were able to do! It was a great opportunity to walk, talk, and bond.