Summer Time Family Fun

May 31, 2017

School is almost out, the sun is staying up late and summer is just around the corner. You may have dreams of the beach, biking in that park and getting a warm summer tan. It’s never too early to start turning those dreams into reality with a little prep for summer time fun for the family! Creating those special family moments will bring a lifetime of memories for all family members to enjoy. Here at RCS, we want to help families create fun summer memories that will last a lifetime.

To help you out, we have come up with six great summer ideas that won’t blow out your bank account. Pick one or all six and start building those summer plans!

  1. Bring Hawaii Home – You don’t need to take a trip to celebrate the awesomeness of the islands. The Dollar Tree is a great place to get affordable and fun decorations needed to create the perfect family luau right in your own backyard!
  2. Beach Scavenger Hunt – Make a list for the family of fun things to find at the beach. Then load up the car and head to your favorite beach! Collect seashells, pebbles, and whatever little sea creatures you can find! Need a list you can print? Ashley at Frugal Living has a great one to print for free!
  3. Turn Your Home into a Pizzeria – Pizza is perfect from dinner to dessert! You and your family can get your creative juices flowing and come up with all new pizza toppings or bring out the traditional. Pile on whatever your family loves, just don’t forget the pineapple! Why not try a pizza dessert? Think cookie dough crust, frosting for sauce and then top with your favorite candies!
  4. Create a Garden – Whether it’s either flowers or vegetables, this is a great way to bring in healthy options for the family that will last even when summer is over. A quick side note for the parents: If your child has been dying for that puppy or kitten suggest to take care of a plant, this is a great first step to teach your children about responsibility.
  5. Help the Birds – You can create a bird feeder by covering pine cones with peanut butter and then rolling it in bird seeds. Add some string and hang it from a tree. Once the birds are all full they can go rest in the awesome homemade bird houses you created! By using just use Popsicle sticks and some twigs you can create a great place for the birds to take a nap.
  6. Backyard Campout – You don’t need to leave all the comforts of home (electricity and running water) to have a camp out. Get the family together and build a tent in the background, make a bonfire, snack on some s’mores and check out the stars for cool shapes and designs.

Not only is summer time for the family a great way to have fun but it brings so many benefits for the kids! Studies have shown that when children have more family time together their behavioral problems can decrease, they are less likely to be involved in dangerous activities, and it can lead to more positive and healthy choices for their future!

Hope you have a Happy, Healthy and Family Oriented summer!