Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make Happen in an Instant

May 10, 2017

Mom, mother, mam, madre, mami or whatever you call your mom, don’t forget to call her on Mother’s Day! That’s right folks, Mother’s Day is this weekend, May 14th! Hopefully you have thinking about ways to express your love and gratefulness to person that you consider mom but if the holiday snuck up on you (like it did me) no worries we have some excellent ideas for you!

  1. Breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t like to be woken up to fresh orange juice and the delicious smells and bacon and waffles?
  2. Clean the house and yes that does include the bathrooms! Every mom (all parents) love to come home to a clean organized house. Send your mom out for some “me” time and while she gone get scrubbing!
  3. Prepare a live theatrical showing. Get your brothers, sisters, pets and dad and create a once in a lifetime show stopper just for your mom. Picture karaoke meets ‘So I Think You Can Dance’.
  4. Make a hugs and kisses schedule! Give your momma whole day of scheduled love with things like at 10:30am everyone hops on one foot until they give mom a hug.
  5. Have a little extra prep time, find the perfect gift on Amazon with two day shipping. Don’t forget to select Rebekah Children’s Services on Amazon Smile.
  6. Write your mom a poem about how awesome and amazing she is. Don’t forget to dress it up with some colored markers and maybe even little glitter.
  7. Family move time. Let your mom pick out her favorite movie as you make her a movie night treat. Then snuggle up on the couch and enjoy some family time together.
  8. A day without phones. Give your mom all your attention and have the whole family turn in all their phones, tablets, computers, etc. Your mom will be so excited to get your undivided attention.
  9. Flowers. Who wouldn’t like a beautiful bouquet of flowers? You can pick them from your yard or grab some from the store. Either way, they are sure to make your mom smile!
  10. Family walk! Get the family together and celebrate mom at the first annual Mother’s Day Walk for Foster Youth at Gilroy Gardens. Register at