Walking Can Help Keep the Doctor Away

April 19, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if the simple phrase an apple a day keeps the doctor away was true? Well, it can be!

Replace the apple with 30 minutes of walking, and you will be surprised to see all the benefits that come out of walking for just 30 minutes daily. For the most part, when we think about getting into shape walking isn’t the first exercise that pops into our mind on how to get on track. First, we think of hitting the gym – running, weight workouts, or even attending those gym classes but the benefits of walking daily are quite surprising. The American Diabetes Association says walking lowers your blood sugar levels and overall risk for diabetes. Want lower blood pressure? Keep on walking. The University of Boulder Colorado found that regular walking lowered blood pressure and may reduce the risk of stroke. One more plus for those regular walks, it can lower your risk for heart disease. Plus, burning off all those extra calories won’t hurt your waistline either.

Besides your jeans fitting nicer and your legs looking summer ready, daily walks can help with other aspects of your physical and emotional self. Walking outside in a lovely setting or with friends, can boost your mood and make you happier! The natural sunlight helps get rid of those winter blues while socializing with friends is always an excellent stress relief. Walking regularly can increase concentrations of norepinephrine, the awesome brain chemical that helps cope with stress, and you know we can all get a little stressed. When you feel less stressed, you tend to be happier, more energized and get better sleep. Another surprising fact about regular walking is the similarities it may have with your morning coffee. It's been shown that if you can replace your coffee with a 30-minute walk in the morning, it will give you more energy throughout the day and save you from waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop for your triple shoot Americano with soy milk!

Sometimes knowing all the facts just isn’t enough and getting started is the hardest part. Well we have the perfect way to start you new dialing walking routine. Join Rebekah Children’s Services on May 13th for our first annual Mother's Day Walk for Foster Youth! You not only will get in your 30 minute walk, you will also be supporting the amazing foster kids in your community! Register today at www.rcskids.org/walk.

Start your 30-minutes a day to keep the doctor away with RCS and join us on May 13th, at Gilroy Gardens for our first annual Mother's Day Walk for Foster Youth!